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Resurgis Community Acupuncture Clinic

Welcome to the Resurgis Community Acupuncture Clinic which was set up in order to make acupuncture more accessible to the local community.

The clinic runs on Mondays from 3pm until 7pm (last appointment starts at 6pm) treats up to 3 patients an hour in a single open plan space with couches screened off to maintain privacy for patients. To find out more about this sort of multibed clinic click here.

Treating in this way allows the clinic to operate a sliding scale for payment, with patients asked to pay what they can afford. For more on Pricing click here.

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Appointments can be booked by phone (call 07846 979220) or email (

If you've not attended the Community Clinic before you'll need to book an initial appointment which is usually done via Zoom. This is a half hour appointment in which you can discuss your needs in private and a case history can be taken. There is a fixed charge of £10 for this appointment.

All other appointments are approximately 1hr and can be paid for on the sliding scale.

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