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About Community Acupuncture

A Community Acupuncture clinic (also known as a Multibed clinic) is a clinic in which several people are treated at the same time in one large room containing a number of couches which are screened off for privacy. While this is a relatively new way of delivering acupuncture in the West in the Far East its normal to treat in this way.


The acupuncturist spends about 20 minutes with each patient, discussing the patient’s needs and assessing progress before providing treatment. The patient then rests with the needles in while the practitioner moves on to the next patient.


For the patient there are a number of benefits to receiving treatment in a community clinic. Perhaps the most tangible is that it significantly reduces the cost, with a sliding scale for payments which allows patients to decide what they can afford (for information on prices click here) Beyond that having treatment in a communal space can itself be a powerful experience that reduces the sense of isolation that can come with ill health. For the practitioner there's the satisfaction of being able to make acupuncture more accessible to more people.


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