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Pricing and the Sliding Scale

One of the benefits of a Multi-bed Clinic is that it allows prices to be kept low, making acupuncture more accessible. To make treatment available to as wide a range of people as possible the clinic operates a sliding scale of charges: from £18 to £36.

There are four prices:



In order to ensure the viability of the clinic we ask patients to pay as much as they feel they can afford. Treatment in the Community Clinic is always cheaper than seeing an acupuncturist privately and those paying nearer the top of the scale enable us to keep the bottom of the scale as low as possible.

  • £36 – if you are financially secure and can afford treatment.

  • £30 – if you are mainly financially stable, but have some challenges.

  • £24 – if you have some financial struggle, but manage to make ends meet.

  • £18 – if you struggle to make ends meet and often don’t.

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