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Welcome to the Resurgis Blog

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

A few notes on what you might find here and what you almost certainly won't!

Welcome to the Resurgis Blog, which I'm hoping you'll find interesting. People who know about such things tell me a blog is a great way to improve a sites ranking in online search results and so to drive traffic to the site. But that's not why I'm writing this one. I just love words and ideas and writing.

Mostly the blog is about things that interest me - so I might write some things about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, but they won't be authoritative texts. The word 'essay' comes from the old French word essai meaning trial and has the same root as the word assay which describes the process by which the purity of precious metals is ascertained. So my musings here, my 'essays' will simply be me exploring and testing things I come across, developing my thinking about the work I do and sharing it with you.

My interest in and practice of Tai-Chi and meditation are also going to be grist to the blogging mill as well and I love to read so there's probably going to be some book reviews (for my sins I was an antiquarian book dealer in a previous life). I can imagine some thoughts on environmental issues might creep in and even some gardening, who knows. I also want to write about the wonderful part of the world in which I live. I have a history degree and to me knowing even a little of the local history always seems to make living somewhere so much more interesting. If you disagree just skip those parts.

My hope is that the blog will provide readers and patients with a reasonable reflection of who I am while being informative and even entertaining. I certainly hope it'll be a whole lot more interesting than yet another acupuncturist blogging on about the symptoms of Liver Qi stagnation or diets for the Blood deficient. So long as I know that stuff my patients and readers shouldn't have to.


Bruce Bell is a fully trained 5 Element Acupuncturist working in the Midsomer Norton / Radstock area, and also from a clinic on the edge of Bath.

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